Other attractions for safaris include.

  • L Naivasha is a fresh water lake in the Great Rift Valley about 100km north of Nairobi city. It provides great opportunity to view hippos and pelicans through oneĀ­-two hours boat rides as well as visiting the crescent island where you can get close to girraffes, zebras and waterbucks.
  • Lake Bogoria national reserve is named after the Great Rift valley saline, alkaline lake. it is famous for its amazing hot springs and the large population of flamingoes which are present here due to the water alkalinity encouraging the growth of algae a delicacy for the flamingoes.
  • Lake Baringo is a fresh water lake in close proximity with lake Bogoria. It hosts about 470 species of birds including the large goliath herons and occassionaly migrating flamingoes.